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Prince Adewale Laoye

"When you put your way before Olodumare he will guide and send help from unexpected ways. Miracles will happen, signs and wonders as well; but this is not saying we should not work smart/hard. Work smart and put it before Olodumare to take perfect control."

It's All About Yoruba Culture!

Lies will not get me anywhere. My integrity is very precious to me. It is worth more than gold and silver.

About me

Prince Adewale Laoye, warmly known to many as the Drummer of Peace, is a master musician, and impresario, of the Yoruba Talking Drum and of the traditional Yoruba, and African drums genre.


Talking Drums And Their Uses:

Talking Drum - Ilu Dundun - in Yoruba Culture Not only Entertains, it’s also a musical instrument that is used to Caution and Warn against Unpleasant Situation in the Society.



Band Members

The drummer of peace band is made up of eight energetic Nigerians. They are a group of multi-talented musical professionals who daily strife to foster global peace and unity through music.

Honored with an award:

The Most Influential Musician of the Year 2016

On Friday, November 18th, The National Association Of Nigerian Students (NANS) Osun Chapter and The Federal Polytechnic, Ede Class Of 2016 held a very special Awards Dinner Event in Ede, at the Western Sun International Hotel, Kudirat Hall.

KiLo Wo &      Let Me Drum

Links to buy "Kilo Wo" and "Let Me Drum" on iTunes, Apple Music and Google Play.


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